Thursday 30 June 2011


We, who undersigned this Accusation

Observe that:

1. In the course of history, China has repeatedly waged aggressive wars against Vietnam. In 1974 it occupied Hoang Sa (Paracel Islands), in 1979 its military forces encroached upon 9 northern border provinces of Vietnam, and assisted genocidal Pol Pot in attacking Vietnam’s southwestern provinces, in 1988 it occupied the island of Fiery Cross of Vietnam’s Truong Sa islands. Until now its machinations of continuous encroachment have been realized with far more violent and brutal actions.

2. Although Vietnam and China signed the Peace Agreement in 1991, stating that both would be good and friendly neighbors of each other, yet Chinese authorities have continually had its ships unruly disturb and shoot at Vietnamese fishermen fishing on their sea, capture assault their fishing boats, and rob them of their possessions. On May 26, 2011, Chinese patrol ships broke into the exclusive economic zone of Vietnam and broke the cable of the Binh Minh, an oil and gas exploration ship, followed by June 9, 2011’s episode when several Chinese ships damaged the cables of the Viking while it was operating within the exclusive economic zones of Vietnam, with their evil intent to turn the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters of Vietnam into the disputed zone for implementing the so-called “putting off disputes for shared exploitation” with a bias towards China by imposing its nine-dotted or U-shaped line (南海九段线) on the South China Sea without any historical or legal basis. This has been violating freedom of navigation, and being protested and criticized by several the countries. The above-mentioned behaviors exhibited by China have seriously violated the Maritime Law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS-1982) whereas China is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. China has also breached the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) signed with ASEAN in 2002.

3. Recently China Sea has sent its ship, the sea patrol 31, across the South China Sea, and held military exercises to threaten Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia. Its brazen actions and fanfare of military forces has created tension, undermined peace, stability and security throughout the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide, preventing the peace-building process in all the countries in Southeast Asia and Pacific region, including ASEAN with Vietnam as one of its members. The above-mentioned behaviors completely contradict what China has announced to the world and the trend of peaceful development and progress of our times.

4. The statement by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in Hanoi on June 8th 2011: " We keep on making strong claims and expressing the determination of the entire Party, The People and Armed Force to preserve Vietnam’s sovereignty, sovereign rights and exercise jurisdiction over terrisea areas and islands of the Nation," has met the legitimate aspirations of the Vietnamese people.

We solemnly declare:

1. We vehemently condemn and denounce before the public opinion at home and abroad: The Chinese authorities have continually taken aggressives actions to encroach unpon Vietnam’s territoriy on the South China Sea with their illegal claim for sovereignty using the U-shaped line which includes in itself both Paracel and Spratly islands which belong to Vietnam; captured Vietnamese fishermen, robbed and caused damage to their boats, broken cables of Vietnam’s oil exploration ships with the intention of turning Vietnam’s exclusive economic zones into disputed ones to serve China’s benefits; and conducted military exercises, and sent major warships to the South China Sea, threatening peace and security of the region.

2. We strongly support Vietnamese State leaders’ bold statements, which represent the people’s will and wish that the leaders of CPV, State, National Assembly, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the socio-political organizations, agencies and associations quickly take more appropriate and effective measures to protect Vietnamese fishermen, and oil exploration ship. We love peace, but we are determined not to let an inch of land, sea, or island fall into the hands of any foreign country as stated and asserted more than once by the President of the Republic Socialist of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet.

3. The National defense is the cause of all of the people. So in addition to the political, military measures and diplomatic moves we have the most effective measure, that is, the combination of the strenthgs of the whole nation of all Vietnamese patriotic people at home and overseas to protest against brazen actions of aggression and invasion taken by the Chinese authorities, to protect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Nation of Vietnam which has been founded, developed and preserved by many generations of our forefathers.

4. We think there is no reason to prevent any manifestation of patriotism by the people, including demonstrations, peaceful and orderly rallies of the youths, students and people across the country.

During the history of the country’s foundation, construction and defence, Vietnamese people from generation to generation have taken this vow: "Ready to die for the country to be alive."

Relying on the people’s strength is the key to our win, thanks to which Vietnam as a nation has existed and preserved its independence until now.

Ho Chi Minh City, June 25th 2011

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Translated by Hoang Lan (the original text is in Vietnamese)