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Put finger on it

Thứ Tư 20, Tháng Hai 2008

Thành ngữ "put finger on it"

(nghĩa bóng là "chỉ ra nguyên nhân của nó")


Nigel: Now you’ve had a good look at it, what do you think about the new window display ?

Jane: It’s certainly very striking, very colorful.

Nigel: You don’t sound totally enthusiastic.

Jane: Well the theme is "spring" but I’m not sure that the design is really suitable.

Nigel: What exactly don’t you like about it ?

Jane: I’m not sure. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Give me a bit more time to think about it.


Put your finger on something - To discover the exact reason why a situation is the way it is, especially when something is wrong.


You put your finger on it when you said an unbalanced diet was the root of her ill health.