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His father went up the wall

Chủ Nhật 24, Tháng Hai 2008

I. Từ vựng

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in trouble: gặp khó

own fault: lỗi của chính mình

borrow: lấy, mượn

without permission: không xin phép

crash: đâm, cán

repairs: sửa chữa

cost a fortune: tốn nhiều tiền

II. Dialogue

Sidney: Gordon’s really in trouble with his father.

Jerome: Yes, his sister told me. Still it’s his own fault.

Sidney: Yes, fancy borrowing his father’s car without permission.

Jerome: And then crashing it into the garage door.

Sidney: No wonder his father went up the wall.

Jerome: It’s understandable; the repairs are going to cost him a fortune.


Drive somebody up the wall (giận tràn hông, tức vỡ đầu) - To make someone extremely angry


When his son fails an examination, he runs up the wall.