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Malay Heritage Centre

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Thứ Tư 17, Tháng Mười Hai 2014

The Malay Heritage Centre (Malay: Taman Warisan Melayu; Jawi: تامن واريثن ملايو ; Chinese: 马来文化遗产中心) is a cultural centre in Singapore to showcase the heritage, culture and history of Malay Singaporeans. Located at Sultan Gate of Kampong Glam, the 8,000 sqm (2 acre) centre was launched on 27 November 2004.

Coordinates: 1°18′08″N 103°51′37″E

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Photo ©NCCong 2014

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Malay Heritage Centre

The building was once the Istana Kampong Glam (or the Sultan’s Palace) and Gedung Kuning (or Yellow Mansion), and was part of a larger original compound that led to the Beach Road frontage. Sultan Gate has been known as such since the 1950s. The Malay Heritage Foundation, formed in 28 July 1999, embarked on a major restoration project of the Istana Kampong Glam in 1999. Completed in 2004, it reopened as the Malay Heritage Centre.
Panorama ©NCCong 2014

On the grounds of the Malay Heritage Centre are Gelam trees, the replica of a Bugis prahu or boat; the Pinisi, and information markers on the history of the Bugis people and their trade. The centre houses the Malay Heritage Museum, which preserves and showcase the Malay culture and heritage in Singapore, through historic artefacts, multimedia and diorama displays, and exhibits.
Panorama ©NCCong 2014

The centre also organizes Malay cultural programmes and workshops, and together with fund-raising activities contribute to two-thirds of its operational costs. In 2008, the Singapore Government announced their move to provide full S$1.7 million a year funding, to the Heritage Centre, from the one-third funding provided to them in the previous years. The funding and aid from the National Heritage Board will boost the centre to become a museum of international standard, and allow opportunities to work with other top regional museums in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In August 2011 the Kampong Glam committee closed the center for extensive renovations and was reopened on 1 September 2012.